Friday, December 9, 2011

Hoity-Toity Hunting in the Lone Star State !

We just return from a little huntin' trip in Dallas, Tx... the Lone Star State. There is something to be said about hunting for treasures in the state that everything is bigger !

Vintage FireHoses with brass nozzle & fittings..
                                               (lucky for us these were not sold by the lbs...)

During our Holiday Hunting trip we found some pretty wild goodies. For instance  casket plates, yes caskets as in RIP (  we are thinking of upcycling these into mini writing boards ), bait Buckets, a very vintage canteen ( this canteen has some miles on it ),medical instruments ( scarey & large ones ),  burlap bags from England dated 1963, several vintage lucite handbags...... and oh so so so many more wild& unique finds.. As we unpack the 3 large boxes ( I think the UPS man may have gotten a hernia from this delivery, sorry ! ) we will post pictures and share our treasures.... Enjoy the "Hoity-Toity" Holidays we are  !