Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hoity-Toity 2012 !

A Happy, Healthy & Hoity-Toity 2012 to Everyone !
The 2012 has started with a bang... and we are just loving every minute . The shop is packed, stacked and ready for the season . It  looks great and its  ready for the big weekend ahead with the Rennigers Extravaganza  on January 2oth, 21st & 22nd.....As well as a familiar shop loved by all When Pigs Fly Again is opening up this weekend in Mount Dora  and we are excited about an old favorite shop that we all love !   ( Remember to mention that you follow us on facebook or the blog and we have something special for you )....... Have a great "Hoity-Toity" time , see you very soon !